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Quran Tarjama : This involves translating the Quran from its original Arabic language into another language, making it accessible to people who do not understand Arabic. Translations aim to convey the meanings and messages of the Quranic verses in a language that the reader can comprehend. There are numerous translations available in different languages, providing a way for a wider audience to engage with the Quran. QuranTafseer : (Exegesis or Commentary): Tafseer is the scholarly interpretation and commentary of the Quran. It delves deep into the Quranic verses, explaining their context, historical background, linguistic nuances, and intended messages. Tafseer is carried out by knowledgeable scholars and provides insights and explanations that go beyond the surface meanings of the text. Tafseer is valuable for those seeking a more profound understanding of the Quran and its application in various aspects of life. By combining both QuranTafseer : readers can access the translated meanings of the Quranic text and also benefit from the scholarly analysis and interpretation of the verses. This approach allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the Quran, taking into account the linguistic, historical, and cultural context in which the Quran was revealed, as well as the theological and legal implications of its verses. It is a common practice for Muslims and students of the Quran to use both translation and Tafseer as resources for their Quranic studies and personal reflections.

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