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Masnoon  practices are those that the Prophet Muhammad recommended or routinely performed during his lifetime. They are not obligatory like the Five Pillars of Islam but are highly recommended and rewarded by God. Observing “Masnoon” actions is seen as a way to earn spiritual rewards and to follow the example of the Prophet in daily life.

Sunnah Prayers (Salat al-Sunnah): These are additional non-obligatory prayers that the Prophet Muhammad used to perform regularly before or after the obligatory prayers.

Miswak: Using a teeth-cleaning twig or a toothbrush (known as a miswak) to maintain oral hygiene, which the Prophet encouraged.

Recitation of Specific Duas (Supplications):
Using the Right Hand: The Prophet recommended using the right hand for various actions, such as eating, drinking, and giving and receiving items.
Dressing and Personal Grooming: The way the Prophet dressed and maintained personal hygiene is often emulated by Muslims as part of “Masnoon” practices.
Charity (Sadaqah): Giving charity and performing acts of kindness were highly encouraged by the Prophet.

These practices are not obligatory in the same way as the Five Pillars of Islam, but they are considered virtuous and are followed by devout Muslims as a means of emulating the actions and lifestyle of the Prophet Muhammad. They are seen as a way to draw closer to God and to follow the Prophet’s example in all aspects of life.

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